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My New Life Now is a four month long voluntary drug and alcohol recovery life group. New Life Now had its first class in Sept. of 2003 at Resurrection Life Worship Center where it still continues on till today.

The MNLN group is open to anyone desiring freedom and a new beginning after drug and alcohol addiction. The group is open to the community, church, those exiting rehab, jail, on house arrest; probation or parole.

The group is centered around 12 relevant teachings that uncover real issues that affect and hinder the person whose life has been dependant on drugs and alcohol. Each class covers a specific topic that must be dealt with in order to move forward in your New Life.

At a MNLN group you will never find: condemnation, judgment or a watered down message. What you will find every week as you live, grow and mature is: hope, encouragement, living proof and the truth that can set you free. We believe there can be new life after drug and alcohol addiction.

About the Author/Directorchristine

Christine Collier is the Author and Director of New Life Now Recovery Life Groups. She holds a degree as a Registered Nurse specializing in the Operating Room. She is a certified Therapon (Christian Counselor) and has taught a fruitful drug and alcohol recovery ministry since 2003. She is a member of the Pearl River County Correction Ministry Board. Along with her husband Dennis she has devoted her adult life as a minister/teacher to the addicted, their families and those incarcerated for drug and alcohol related crime. Together it is their express belief that there is “New Life” available to all in Christ.

If you are interested in beginning a New Life Now Recovery Group in your Church, Rehabiltation Center, Halfway House or Jail/Corrections ministry; please fill out the contact form below.

pen The Curriculum

The group’s sole purpose is to minister that hope, freedom (recovery) and new life are available in and through a personal relationship (walk) with Christ. We believe that in Christ we receive all the power, strength, wisdom and encouragement needed to live out a clean and sober lifestyle. At MNLN we believe that no one is too far that the grace of Almighty God does not reach.

The MNLN curriculum is built around 12 core teachings. We recommend at least 3- 4 additional classes (every fourth week) for open discussion, guest speakers and dinners etc...

The Bible is used as the main reference manual along with the MNLN curriculum. Through attending the weekly group participants discover: key problems commonly found in addicts, they are not alone and there is a solution. During group study they also learn: to navigate their Bible, to open up lines of communication and how to apply Biblical solutions to their daily lives.

This curriculum has been used successfully since 2003 in the following areas: Church based Drug and Alcohol Recovery Life Group; Jail/Prison Recovery Group; Christian Rehabilitation/Halfway House Outreach; Turnaround 180 (T-180) Men’s Faith Based Dormitory (Prison Based Program).

At MNLN we do not believe that addiction is a disease. We do realize that chronic use of drugs, alcohol, mind altering substances and its lifestyle can and do result in dysfunctional thinking, sickness, assorted diseases, trauma and even untimely death.
It is our goal at MNLN to bring tangible evidence (testimonies) and truth that it is possible to become free and that Christ is still in the business of salvation, healing and deliverance of His people.

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All that’s needed to Begin a Group:

1) Compassion for the addicted and their families
2) Bible and a place to meet
3) Leader Manual for each Leader and Assistant
4) Participants Manual for each person in group