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Front Porch Ministries

is our volunteer and connections ministry. Front porch is all about the first impression that people have when they come to RLM. It’s about making people feel loved, appreciated and welcomed. It’s about making people feel like they are part of the family. It consists of greeters, ushers, info desk workers, bookstore workers, parking lot attendants and just about any position that people need when they walk through the doors of RLM. It also is about connecting people to other people and different ministries within Resurrection Life and our community.


Front Porch

* Card Ministry
* Newcomers Follow-up
* New Believer Follow-up
* New Comers Reception
* Visitor Follow Up
* Altar Ministry


* Food/Meals for Hospital and Funerals
* Gift Baskets for Hospital and Elderly
* Coordinate/Schedule volunteers for special events
* Administration Volunteers
* Ageless Treasures (Elderly Outreach)
* House of Hope (Prayer Request Ministry)

For more information about Front Porch Ministries and/or to get invovled please contact:

Dawn Bechtel