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Immovable Truth Part Two

Psalm 1 is an amazing passage of scripture that give direction, instruction, and specifics as to how we should live our lives. The author tells us not only how we should but how we should not live. He also lets us know where our truth should come from.

In a constantly changing world we must connect ourselves to the immovable truth of God’s Word, which has stood the test of time, war, scrunity of man, innumerable attempts to destroy it, and it is still the number one seller of any book in all of history.

Culture and society changes. It’s in their nature to change. But truth never changes, only our perception of truth. We will never be able to navigate our life properly and not only make it safely home but to thrive if we don’t have a rock which we stand on, cling to, and depend on. As experience tells us, that rock is not people, governments, money, or anything of this world. It is and has always been divine, God Himself.

He has made Himself accessible to us through His Son Jesus. As we develop our relationship with Him, our foundation grows stronger and stronger. May we embed our lives in the immovable truth of God and His Word.

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July 19, 2015

Immovable Truth: Part Two - Allen Hickman

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July 12, 2015

Immovable Truth - Allen Hickman

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