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Have No Fear Good News Is Here

At just the right time God sent His Son into the world to save all of mankind. We may think that our contemporary times are difficult, hard, and wearisome however, in the time that Jesus came into the world, it was in upheaval. Selfish, cruel, and tyrannical dictators and emperors were the order of the day. Freedom like we know was not even imaginable at the time. Horrible atrocities and devastating brutalities were being perpetrated upon most of mankind. It was a chore and a labor just to live. Forget pursuing your dreams. It was this kind of world that Jesus was born into. When the angels said, “Have no fear! We bring you good news!” to the shepherds, it was a tremendous statement to them. In the light of the current conditions of our world “Have no fear; good news is here,” is a monumental statement as well. We need good news.

Pastor Kerr Howell shares the conditions at the birth of Jesus and just how amazing it was for the Savior to be born when He was born and why it was and still is good news.

Week Title
December 22, 2013 Have No Fear - Kerr Howell
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November 15, 2013 The Gift of Messiah - Allen Hickman
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