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The Gift of Messiah

The three wise men, or Magi, were not just men who had nothing else to do. They were men with kingdoms to rule and responsibilities to fulfill. However, they took four years out of their lives to come and honor the child king, Jesus. They were not able to call “Bethlehem Air”, hop on a plane, and fly over and drop off their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh at Jesus’ feet. No, they had to take time, money, and effort and risk their lives to bring their treasure to Him. They saw the star once and left on a two year journey, never seeing the star again until they left a meeting with Herod. When they saw it again, they rejoiced. Why? Because their efforts weren’t in vain. The prophecy was coming true and they had treasure for the King. Two years before Joseph and Mary needed the money to take care of them in Egypt, God was sending the wise men with what they needed.

Pastor Allen tells the story of the Magi and the true treasure of the Messiah in such a way that it will draw you to a place of decision and retrospect. What treasure do you bring? All you have is you, so lay yourself at His feet.

Week Title
December 15, 2013 The Gift of Messiah - Allen Hickman
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December 08, 2013 Pursuit of Righteousness - Dan Finley
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