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The Pursuit of Righteousness

Righteousness is not a word we use every day. What is righteousness anyway? Is it a way of living? A changing of your attitude? Abiding by a religious set of rules? What is it really? Righteousness is not something we do but something we are. We are right with God because of what Jesus did, not what we have done. If our right standing with God was dependent on our own works and actions then all of us would be out of luck, so to speak. Because of God’s great mercy and lovingkindness He allowed Jesus to suffer the cross, to die, and He raised Him from the dead so that we can depend on the work of Jesus and not our own. Why? Because our righteousness is not good enough to pay the price that only His Son could.

Listen as Pastor Dan talks about what righteousness is, how we can walk in it, and how we are to pursue God in light of who Jesus is in us.

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December 08, 2013 The Pursuit of Righteousness - Dan Finley
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December 01, 2013 Insight for Living - Allen Hickman
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