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Insight for Living

God has given us a road map to how we are to live our lives. However, most people, Christian or not, go their own way and try and live life on their own. The Bible says that a “man’s way is right in his own eyes.” We believe the life that God has given us is ours and we can live it the way we want to. It seems ridiculous to live life on our own when God has given us exactly what we need to be victorious. But for the large majority of people that is exactly what we do. Stop! God loves you and wants your life to be successful and life giving, but you can’t do that if you choose to do it by yourself. You need God and His insight for your life. Why take a trip without a road map, expecting to arrive to your destination on time and intact, when God has already been there and has given you the map? Listen, obey, and be victorious.

Pastor Allen shares four insights for successful living in this week’s message: “Insights for Living.” May you listen and apply these principles.

Week Title
December 01, 2013 Insight for Living - Allen Hickman
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November 24, 2013 His Grace Is Enough - Allen Hickman
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