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His Grace Is Enough

Paul wrote the church at Philippi about being thankful and appreciative of God and for all He is and what He has done. But they would never truly be thankful if they didn’t grasp the grace of God, to understand that God’s grace is more than enough. That grace is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions in the world. Grace is more than “unmerited favor with God.” His grace comforts, uplifts, brings hope, gives us peace, introduces us to genuine and divine love, and it is the blanket that covers all we were, are, and ever hope to be. When we have the revelation of God’s grace reveal to our spirits and not just our intellect, we will live differently. We will talk differently, love deeper, worship more intensely, give without reservation, and rest in Him better.

Pastor Allen shares his heart about the grace of God, how it has covered him and his entire family, and how we all must be completely and totally dependent upon the grace of God; because it is more than enough.

Week Title
November 24, 2013 His Grace Is Enough - Allen Hickman
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November 17, 2013 Hearing God: Part Seven - Allen Hickman
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