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Hearing God: Part Six - The Holy Spirit

One the most important ways of hearing the voice of God is through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not some mystical, ethereal, and paranormal being whom we can’t identify with. He is the power of God. The Holy Spirit will empower us to be the men and women God has called us to be. We can’t do it on our own. It is impossible. The Holy Spirit also convicts us. He convicts us of sin, of our lack of discipline, etc.

The Old Testament Prophets and Saints didn’t have the Holy Spirit dwelling within them. He would come upon them, empower them for a feat or an event, and then leave. Why? Because Jesus hadn’t come yet. The sacrifice hadn’t been paid, giving us the right to be inhabited by the Holy Spirit of God. But since Jesus came, saw and conquered, He enabled us with the honor and privilege of having His Holy Spirit, making His home in us. Now, we can be taught by Him and directed by Him. We don’t have to be on our own.

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