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Hearing God: Part Four - Discerning God's Voice Within the Noise

Noise is all around us. It permeates our lives everyday. Especially in this day and age we are constantly bombarded with information, opinions, ideas, creativity, voices, advertising, etc... How is a person able to hear the voice of God amidst all the noise? Can you hear the voice of God above the roar of the crowd and the clutter of everyday, modern life? Yes, Yes, Yes, you can. You might say, “Easier said than done.” God has provided us with all that we need to hear His voice loud and clear, even with all the noise going on around us and within us. He wants His children to know His voice, just like the sheep know the voice and sound of their shepherd.

Pastor Allen shares how the “shepherd” speaks to His “sheep” and how the sheep can discern His voice no matter how loud the noise is around them.

Week Title
October 27, 2013 Hearing God: Part Four - Allen Hickman
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October 20, 2013 Who Is Your Hope? - Allen Hickman
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