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Life by Accident

Most people, Christians or not, stumble through life. Stumbling into relationships and out of them, jobs, marriages and more. However, each time we do, we carry a little more baggage with us into the next job or relationship we stumble into. God never intended for us to live that way. He has a plan for our life and a destiny for us to live. Once we learn how to walk with God we must learn God’s plan for our life, and then after all that we need to simply work it. Do what Nike says, “Just do it.” However, that’s a little easier said than done.

Pastor Todd Goodwin shares these three things we need to do in order to stop living life by accident and to live it on purpose and with intentionality. He also shares a video about how a 96 year old man that had a life that felt like a dream but was more real that he could imagine.

Week Title
September 22, 2013 Life by Accident - Todd Goodwin
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September 15, 2013 How Not to Lose Your Fire - Allen Hickman
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