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How Not to Lose Your Fire

We will all go through difficult times. It’s simply part of life. Some call those hard times “going through the fire.” Fire can be a positive thing or a negative thing; it depends on how we use the fire. Fire can keep us warm or cook a meal. Or fire can destroy your home or thousands of acres of land. The fire can be used for good if we choose to see it. We don’t get to choose what we go through but we can choose how we go through it. So, no matter what “fire” we go through, don’t waste it. We cannot allow the enemy to steal what God wants to do in our life when we go through a “firey” time.

Pastor Allen shares several precepts from God’s Word what we are to do in order for us not to waste the fire that we go through. God will receive glory and honor when you go through the fire and are better for it.

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September 15, 2013 How Not to Lose Your Fire - Allen Hickman
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September 08, 2013 What's Your Purpose - Allen Hickman
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