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God of Extra

God is not a god of the ordinary or the sublime. He is a God that goes above and beyond what our minds can comprehend or even imagine. However, God has revealed it to us, His children. We were never meant to live mundane, average, run-of-the-mill lives. No! We were meant to live lives full of purpose-- miraculous, supernatural, amazingly extraordinary lives. But how can we do that? We don’t do it in our own power or strength but we must be completely dependent on God and His power. Our dependence on God actually flies in the face of humanistic thinking that says “man can perfect itself without the aid of divinity.” But, we can live those lives that others look at and say “I want what you have.” It’s not something or a possession that we have, but a reliance and dependence on an amazing, loving, and faithful God.

Pastor Allen outlines just exactly what God is calling us to in this message about the God of extra.

Week Title
September 01, 2013 God of Extra - Allen Hickman
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August 25, 2013 Stirred to Action - Allen Hickman
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