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Holding Fast

Holding fast to what God has called us to amidst life’s uncertainty and craziness is not always easy. However, God has provided us with the power and determination to hold fast. Holding fast is not about “hanging on” until Jesus comes back or barely making it. Holding fast is about standing firm, being strong, having the moxie and spiritual nerve to be the man or woman of God He has destined for us to be.

Life will unleash its arsenal of trouble and trials on us when we least expect it. If we aren’t full of the Holy Spirit and depending upon Him, we will be swept away in the flood of troubles that life can give us.

Pastor Allen tells us of three ways that we can stand fast and hold on to the promises of God no matter what comes our way. We can stand strong among the waves and never waver because of Who hold us.

Week Title
August 18, 2013 Holding Fast - Allen Hickman
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August 11, 2013 Joy in Your Time of Crisis - Allen Hickman
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