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Joy in Your Time of Crisis

Crisis is nothing more than an intense time of difficulty. I wish it wouldn’t be so, but it is. Problems come no matter how hard we work at avoiding them. They are simply a part of life. We can have joy in our times of crisis. Joy is more than happiness. Happiness is dependent upon the “happenings” around us. Whereas, joy is contingent upon God who has overcome this world and its crisis. We can have joy in the journey while the journey is filled with crisis. With God at our side we can walk through life with an unspeakable joy that can’t be explained by this world’s understanding, no matter what that may be.

Pastor Allen shares three things that we have to have in alignment if we are to have joy in the midst of our crisis. Our vision will determine our attitude and our attitude will result in how we live our life. If our eyes are on God and we have the same attitude that Jesus had, then our life will be lived to bring glory to God.

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August 11, 2013 Joy in Your Time of Crisis- Allen Hickman
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August 04, 2013 Building Your Legacy: Part Ten - Allen Hickman
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