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Building Your Legacy: Part Ten - The Church and Family

The Church of Jesus Christ and the Family should be one in the same. The Church is a family and the family is a part of the church. There are characteristics that are part of the family that are absolutely the same ones in the Church. You don’t get to choose your family, you don’t quit your family, you are committed to your family, you love your family. There are certain things in your family that you do because they are traits of who your family is. The Church in the U.S. as a whole doesn’t really understand what family is. If we did we would do church differently.

Pastor Allen ends this ten week summer series on the family showing what family is and how we are to live those aspects out in the Church. We are a family. Those that don’t have a family are orphans. But God is the one that invented adoption. If you are alone and without a family, God wants you in a family and He has provided that through His Church.

May God open the eyes of your heart and understanding so that you can become the godly men and women and families that He has intended and destined you to be.

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