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Building Your Legacy: Part Nine - Fighting for Your Family

God is a God of Covenant. When God deals with humanity He will always deals with us through covenant. And because He has made a covenant with man He will not break it. He will follow through. Part of that covenant is that we can have a successful and godly family. He didn’t say it would be without a fight, but that’s why He made a covenant with us. In that covenant He has provided us with what we need in order to fight the fight of faith for our familiy. We have at our disposal all the power we need to be all that He has destined us to be. We simply must access it.

But how can we be all that He wants us to be if we don’t believe in that covenant or the God of that covenant? We must believe the promises and guarantees of God’s Word. We can believe in what we do not know. We must get into the Word of God in order to know what He says about our family.

Listen as Pastor Allen shares several ideas and promises of God on how we are to fight the fight of faith for our family.

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July 28, 2013 Building Your Legacy: Part Nine - Allen Hickman
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