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Building Your Legacy: Part Three - God As Father

In this the third part of the Building Your Legacy summer family series Pastor Allen Hickman shows us through scripture how God is our Father, not just a religious icon.

Fatherhood has suffered a lethal hit in the United States society. All as a result of children being birthed out of wedlock, children are being born with no father. And because of that we are suffering the effects of a fatherless generation. So that is why it is so hard for this generation to see God as their father, because they have never known a father. The prodigal son that Jesus talked about in the scriptures ran back to his father but felt unworthy to be called a son because of his past. However, the father accepted him home as a son because, no matter what he had done, he was still his son and He was still his father.

God is our father and loves us no matter what we have done. It is no excuse or license to live a life that only benefits us, but a call to live within the inheritance that He has provided for us. When we understand in our hearts that God is our father we then begin to live a life full of joy, hope, security, and confidence. And when we do that our families become a place of safety, security, and strength.

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June 16, 2013 Building Your Legacy: Part Three - Allen Hickman
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