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Building Your Legacy: Part Two - Covenant Marriage

Marriage according to the world and modern psychologists is about compatibility. However, according to God, it is all about covenant. But it’s not just about you and your spouse’s ability to keep the covenant but about God’s covenant with Jesus and His ability to keep the covenant He made. Our marriage should be built on the covenant God has with Jesus. When we do, it takes the pressure of being “the savior” of our marriage off of us and pulls from the strength of God. The result is a marriage that honors Him and that is an example to the world of how marriage should be and who God is.

Marriage is trinitarian: you, your spouse, and Jesus at the center. When it is built on and around the glory of God, then conflict, fear, doubt and more become less and less of an issue. God has always been about the trinity, even at the beginning of time when He made man and when He instituted marriage.

Pastor Dan Finley continues our summer series “Building Your Legacy” summer family ministry with a message about covenant marriage. He outlines six areas of covenant that we must be aware of in order to have a marriage that is successful and glorifying to God.

Week Title
June 9, 2013 Building Your Legacy: Part Two - Dan Finley
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