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Building Your Legacy: Part One - Intro

We are leaving a legacy. That’s a settled fact. The question is what kind of legacy are you leaving? Are you leaving a legacy in your family that brings honor to God and influences the world in a positive way? Or are you leaving a legacy of destruction and devastation, hurt, pain, sorrow... [the list could go on]? We leave our legacy by how we live everyday. The daily things we do, our habits, good or bad, what we say, what we do, is passed down and on to the people that are closest to us. Everybody has influence. It has been said that an introverted person still has influence on about 10,000 people in their lifetime. If that is the case, how much more powerful is our influence on our children, spouse, and immediate family?

Pastor Allen introduces our summer family ministry “Building Your Legacy” by sharing five traits that we must posses in order to pass them on to our family. We must know God is the only true God. We must love Him. Whatever we do, we must do for Him; never forget what He has put in us and teach that to our children. These and more are traits that we have to have evident in our own lives if we ever want to affect change in the next generation. How can we expect them to be different if we aren’t? This summer will be exciting and full of opportunities for teaching and interaction with others and your family.

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June 2, 2013 Building Your Legacy: Part One - Allen Hickman
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May 26, 2013 It's All About Grace - Allen Hickman
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