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It's All About Grace

Grace is not a license to sin or simply unmerited favor. Grace is all about God’s love. However, God’s love is all encompassing. It penetrates every area of our lives, even those places we would like to keep hidden. His grace gives us the power and strength to live holy lives that bring honor to Him and not lives lived undisciplined and haphazardly.

It is His grace that empowers us to get past our past and to live powerful and intentional lives that benefit the people and communities in which we live. It’s His grace that makes us loving husbands, amazing wives, kind and obedient children, giving people, loyal employees, etc.... His grace is more than enough. It’s all about His grace being spread throughout every area of our lives so that it fills in all the cracks and crevasses of our fragmented existence.

Pastor Allen outlines three areas where the grace of God is more than enough: in dealing with our sin, our situations, and our service. In every area His grace is more than enough no matter what it is.

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May 26, 2013 It's All About Grace - Allen Hickman
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May 19, 2013 Living in the Word - Allen Hickman
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