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Living in the Word

The word of God is more than just words on paper. It is life and hope. But the Bible is not the only way God speaks to His people . Since the New Covenant, God now can speak dir

ectly to His people through His Holy Spirit. God has always desired to speak directly with us. He wants to direct us, guide us, and mostly He wants to have a relationship with us on a personal level. We must, as His children, learn to hear His voice. Without it we will be left to our own understanding and wisdom, thus leaving us to fend for ourselves.

People are desperate to hear from God and many will do just about anything to hear from Him. Yet we don’t have to do anything other than call on Him and position ourselves to hear.

Pastor Allen shares five things that living in the Word will produce in our lives. As we live in the Word our lives will not only be lived with direction and purpose but will bring the ultimate glory to God.

Week Title
May 19, 2013 Living in the Word - Allen Hickman
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May 12, 2013 The Legacy of Motherhood - Kerr Howell
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