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Blurry Vision?

Each one of us has a destiny that God wants us to fulfill. However, along the way life gets a little crazy and our vision gets blurry on what we are to do and how to do what God has called us to. But we can cure the blurriness by learning to refocus our sight on the only one worth looking at and looking to: Jesus. Jesus brings clarity of vision, enabling us to fulfill our divine destiny.

Guest speaker and friend Richard Hinojosa shares several ways we can refocus our “eye” and stay true to the calling of God on our life. This message is part of a weekend of the prophetic and intense worship. May God’s blessing be on you as you listen and watch.

Week Title
May 5, 2013 Blurry Vision? - Richard Hinojosa
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May 3-5, 2013 Worship and Prophetic Conference - Guest Speakers
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