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Being A Good Steward

Stewardship is paramount to having a deep and intimate relationship with God. Being a good steward is as simple as obedience. But it is much easier said than done. God wants and desires us to do business with what He has placed in our hands. But part of being a good steward is you have to understand spiritual authority. How can you do good business with what God has given you if you don’t understand who He is, His authority, and the authority He has given you? If you ever want to be in authority you have to be under authority.

Pastor Allen outlines several things that will help you understand how to be a good steward and about living and operating in the authority God has given you.

Week Title
April 28, 2013 Being A Good Steward - Allen Hickman
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April 21, 2013 Buried Treasure - Allen Hickman
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