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Above and Beyond

Every stripe that was placed on Jesus’ back from the “cat of nine tails” to the plucking out of His beard was all evidence of the Love of God for mankind. It was we who had sinned, we who had violated the law and were the ones who should have been punished. It was us that had rejected the plan of God and His love. But it was His undying and amazing love that overcame the pain, the hurt, and the shame to bring to us reconciliation. In other words God gave us a second chance with Jesus. But this time it wasn’t about our performance or us living up to a particular standard. Jesus was the one. He was the perfect one. It was all on His shoulders. He suffered what we should have suffered. He died when we should have died. But it was Jesus and only Jesus that rose from the grave, thus purchasing us, paying the ransom that had been placed on our heads. He not only did what the Father said but He went above and beyond anything that our minds or hearts could comprehend. That is love beyond understanding. That is love beyond reason.

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March 31, 2013 Above and Beyond - Allen Hickman
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March 24, 2013 It's a Big Deal - Allen Hickman
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