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Enter the Spirit-Led Life: Change Your Thinking

Joshua was a warrior and a servant, but when the “commander of the army of the Lord” showed up and confronted Joshua at Jericho everything changed for Joshua and all of Israel. Joshua asked if He was for them or against them, and the “commander” said No! He didn’t even answer the question correctly for Joshua. But it was that answer that changed everything for Israel. Israel was thinking according to the way man comprehends and sees things. Israel needed a divine way of seeing things. The only way that can happen in our lives is that we must be led by the Spirit of God.

Pastor Allen shares in part five of the Spirit-filled series how we are to hear God and see things the way He see them. Also how we are to follow after His will for our lives and not our own.

Week Title
February 10, 2013 Spirit Led: Change Your Thinking - Allen Hickman
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February 03, 2013 Spirit Led: Obedience - Allen Hickman
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