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Enter the Spirit-Led Life: Hearing God's Voice

The most vital part of entering the Spirit-Filled life is having the ability, given to us by the Holy Spirit, to hear the voice of God. Hearing His voice is imperative to living the Spirit-Filled life. God’s voice is not something that went away with the Apostles and the early Church. He still speaks today, to His people and to His Church. We must learn to clearly hear God’s voice amidst the noise of everyday life. We can do it. He has provided us with everything we need to hear His voice.

Guest Speaker and friend James Ryle shares five different ways God speaks and how we can develop a sensitive ear to hear His voice.

Week Title
January 27, 2013 Spirit Led: Hearing God's Voice - James Ryle
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January 27, 2013 Wild Game Dinner Message - James Ryle
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January 20, 2013 Spirit Led: Fear - Allen Hickman
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