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All the One Anothers: Living in Harmony

Harmony, unity and peace; mankind has been struggling to have these traits in our societies, nations, and community groups since the day there were more than two people on the earth. God has commanded His Church to live in Harmony. Why, because the rest of the world needs us to and it Honors our Father when His children walk and live in harmony with each other. We will never be able to reach a world with His love if we don’t show it to each other. We must live in harmony with one other. When we do the miracles and presence of God will not only be lavished upon us but also the world around us.
Todd Goodwin shares what harmony is not, what it is and what our responsiblity as the body of Christ is to one another and to the world at large.

Week Title
July 08, 2012 All the One Anothers: Harmony - Todd Goodwin
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July 01, 2012 All the One Anothers: Honoring - Allen Hickman
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