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All the One Anothers: Serving

Freedom is the key to serving one another. Because we are imprisoned by our own selfishness and egotistical motives we are not free to think about, love, and serve others. However it’s not about us trying to be unselfish, because when we try to be unselfish we are being selfish. So it is up to God and God alone to empty us of ourselves. We cannot give what we do not have and we can only get what we need from God. If we want to truly serve others we only have to look to Jesus as the supreme example, not to simply emulate His actions but to understand who was empowering Him with the ability to server others beyond selfishness.

Pastor Dan Finley shares several points that we must comprehend in order for us to truly serve one another without religious and selfish motives. When we submit ourselves to God first, miracles will happen as we treat one another the way God intended for us to.

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June 17, 2012 All the One Anothers: Serving - Dan Finley
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June 10, 2012 All the One Anothers: Forgiveness - Brandon Dukes
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