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All the One Anothers: Forgiveness

Prison, chains, walls, shackles, and locks all represent bondage or lack of freedom. Unforgiveness is that one thing that keeps us in bondage and locked up. It really doesn’t hurt the person that we are angry with. It hurts us and the relationships that we have with people. Jesus said that “if you don’t forgive I won’t forgive you.” Pretty tough words coming from a loving Savior. However, Jesus understands the impact that unforgiveness has on us. If we are to be true followers of Jesus Christ then we are going to have to learn to walk and live in constant forgiveness. It’s not a choice we make but a lifestyle we live.

Junior High Youth Pastor Brandon Dukes shares these points and powerful stories this week about forgiveness and unforgiveness in part two of the One Another summer series.

Remember, miracles are waiting to happen when we treat one another the way God intended for us to.

Week Title
June 10, 2012 All the One Anothers: Forgiveness - Brandon Dukes
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June 3, 2012 All the One Anothers: Loving - Allen Hickman
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