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All the One Anothers: Loving

“Upon this rock I will build My Church.” Jesus said this not as rhetorical religious jargon but as the foundational statement to building the most amazing living organization and organism the world has ever known. All the One Anothers is a series of messages that deal with how we as the Church that Jesus built treat one another. Each week, a message will be shared that will pertain to how the Church actually treats each other and how we actually should.

This week Pastor Allen shares about how we are to love one another in the household of faith. We live in a very selfish and individualistic society and that mindset has crept into the church and is affecting how we treat each other. Remember, miracles are waiting to happen when we treat each other the way God intended for us to.

Week Title
June 3, 2012 All the One Anothers: Loving - Allen Hickman
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May 27, 2012 It's Your Time - Allen Hickman
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