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Revival Indicators

Pastor Carey Robertson is unapologetic in his constant reference to Revival. It is only revival that will change America and this world. It is not the abilitiy, accomplishments or efforts of man that will bring a great outpouring from God. It is not the soulish things of this world that will change the heart of man it is the Supernatural Spirit of God that will alter the soul and heart of a man or woman. It is when we seek God with all our heart, soul and spirit that God will pour out His Spirit on us.

Listen as Pastor Carey from his many years of ministry and experience in and with revivals around the world shares six revival indicators that we will see when we want and hunger for the revival of God.

Week Title
February 19, 2012 Revival Indicators - Allen Hickman
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February 12, 2012 Marriage Matters: Women's Responsibility - Allen Hickman
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