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Some of the greatest last words of people have been “you gotta see this” as they do some death defying feat or maybe it wasn’t so death defying. Or many people will say “you gotta see this” after watching some amazing stunt performed or a great sports outtake. You Tube is filled with “you gotta see this” videos. But how many of us as Christians can say that about our own life and how we live? Can we look at the world and say “you gotta see this?” Or are we living a life that we much rather not have anybody looking at. Pastor Allen talks about how our lives ought to be lived in such a way that we have those “ahh” moments on a regular basis. If Jesus is truly Lord of our lives we have to be like Paul and say (in today’s lingo) “you gotta see this.”

Week Title
November 14, 2010 You Gotta See This -- Allen Hickman
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November 7, 2010 The Orphan's Heart -- Kerr Howell and Brandon Dukes
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