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Part Two: Supernatural Courage

Courage should be a normal characteristic of any human but supernatural courage only comes from the relationship that we as Christians have with God through Jesus. If we keep our eyes on the true King and depend on Him and Him alone God begins to develop a courage in us that can only be described as supernatural. When that courage is instilled in us we began to not worry about the lions harming us but we pursue and overtake them. In this the second installment of the series Lion Chasers Pastor Allen talks about how we are to have supernatural courage and how we are to attain it. It takes guts to be a lion chaser. “When we don’t step out and do what God has called us to do we rob God of His glory.”

Week Title
September 19, 2010 Lion Chasers - Part Two -- Allen Hickman
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September 12, 2010 Lion Chasers - Part One -- Allen Hickman
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