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Receiving Life is only surpassed by the joy of giving life.

The Covenant Kids Children's ministry is heading up a 12 days of Giving. A little spin off of the ever popular 12 Days of Christmas. Get with you family and make each day a family affair. You don't have to all of them. Choose the one that you want and give. If you just do one day it will be worth it for the people you give to.

* December 1st GIVE TO COMMUNITY

* December 2nd GIVE TO CHURCH

* December 3rd GIVE TO NEIGHBORS

* December 4th GIVE TO FAMILY

* December 5th GIVE TO FRIENDS

* December 6th GIVE TO CHRIST

* December 7th GIVE TO A STRANGER

* December 8th GIVE TO MILITARY


* December 10th GIVE TO ELDERLY

* December 11th GIVE TO WIDOWS

* December 12th GIVE TO ORPHANS